The Mathematics Club Constitution


1. The Goal

            (a) To generate an environment of increased understanding and enthusiasm for the study of Mathematics.

            (b) To nurture Student relationships.


2. The Requirements of Membership

            (a) Any person affiliated with the school of SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu Sarawak  and possessing an interest in Mathematics.


3.  Elections

            (a) The term of office is one (1) year.

            (b) The election of officers is to be by  ballot, counted by an appointed club member.

            (c) Elections shall take place at the beginning of each year.

            (d) One must receive a simple majority of the votes to win an election.


4. The Offices of the Club


            (a) The elected positions in Mathematics Club are; President, Vice President, Secretary  

            and Treasurer.


            (b) President

            i. The President has the authority to delegate tasks.

            ii. It is the responsibility of the President to oversee all official matters relating to the club.

            iii. The President is the liaison between the Club and the school.

            iv. It is a responsibility of the President to see that the duties of the offices are fulfilled.

            v.  It is the responsibility of the President to arrange club meetings


            (c) Vice President

            i. It is the responsibility of the Vice President to substitute for the absence of the


            ii. It is the responsibility of the Vice President to aid the President in his/her duties.


            (d) The Records Officer / Secretary

            i. The upkeep of any documentation needed by the Club is the responsibility of the Records  


            ii. The Records Officer will take the meeting's minutes for any meeting      deemed necessary by

            the President.

            iii.  The Records Officer will be the chair of the Policy Committee.

            iv.  It is traditional, but not necessary, that the weekly fliers be made by the Records



            (e)  The Treasurer

            i.  The Treasurer will receive all monies for the club and keep a record of all transactions.

            ii.  He/ She will maintain the club's bank account with the UConn Business Office.

                              iii.  He/ She will perform any other duties assigned by the President

            (f) The Procedure for Filling a Vacated Office

            i. Should the President be unable to fulfill his/her duties, the Vice President will replace the President, and a new Vice President may be elected within the club, if there is need for one.

            ii. If any other officer is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the office will be filled by holding a general election.  All club members, including current officers may run for the position.  If a current officer is elected to the position, further elections will be held to fill that vacated office. It is allowed, but not recommended, that one person may hold two offices.

            iii. The President will assume the role of any officer that is not wished to be filled by another member or officer of the club.

5. The Club Meetings

            (a) The club meetings will be called by the President.

            (b) The meetings will take place in the afternoon or other time upon agreement.

            (c) The meeting times and dates will be make known to the club members. 

6. The Procedure for Amending the Constitution

            (a). Amendments must be introduced during an official club meeting.

            (b) All proposed Amendment must be voted in by a three quarter (3/4)        majority of the meeting attendees.       

7.  Club Committees and other non-officer positions.


            (a)   Publicity Committee

            i.  The Publicity Committee will be in charge of the publicity of the club activities and the   club notice board.


            (b)  Welfare Committee

                             i.  The Welfare Committee is responsible for organizing and planning activities such as gathering dinner and games.           


            (c)  Webmaster

            i.  The webmaster will maintain and update the Mathematics club website.

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